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beetle conv top not working, no codes, did window reset still inop

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hello everyone

i got an 03 beetle conve (turbo manual) and the convertible top dosent work at all in it, i did some research online and tried to do the window reset procedure and that didnt do anything,
i do have an autel ds708 scanner that lets me access all the systems and does almost all the function of the VAG scanner, i scanned the roof electronic module (#26) and it shows no fault code, i looked at the live data, and the system is reading that the convertible top button is working.

anyone have any idea what to check next? im thinking it could be the conv top relay/module (part# 1Y0 959 255) but the cheapest i found that was $275 on ebay, so i was wondering if anyone have any suggestion on recommendation on what to do before replacing the module

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