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Beetle conv window

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My beetle driver door window drops as normal to enable it to give clearence from the roof to open off the fob but if you have pulled over or parked and try to use the door handle to open it , it doesnt drop and catches on the hood. i assume theres a door switch on the handle but someone told me theres a re set? its only just started faulting after a year of no probs. Its a 54 plate.
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Sounds like the driver door latch is bad, this is very common on these cars.

If the window drops with the keyfob, but not the door handle, time for a door latch.

In the short term, just use the fob to drop the window when getting out of the car as well, even if the door is already unlocked, as I recall you can just hit the unlock button on the fob and drop the window.
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