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beetle rough start

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Hi everyone. I've been lurking for a while since the water pump went out on my wife's 2000 2.0 beetle. I noticed her water pump leaking and went ahead and changed it and the timing belt since everyone said to do both and the car has 95k miles. It all seemed to go well but since I changed the belt the car starts hard and runs a little rough until it warms up. So the question is, do I have the timing off a smidge or is this another problem? What's the most sure fire way to get the timing right?
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Have you read checked the time marks:: make sure they lineup correctly; have you scanned the car for trouble codes?

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Marks look lined up and I don't have the ability to check codes. Guess I'll just have to pull the belt and see what happens. Hopefully the situation improves. Vw's seem to gain a lot of issues at 100k.
The timing marks will either be lined up, or they won't. It is a pass or fail situation.
Much easier to pull the timing cover off and check, than to do the whole job again! :)

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