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beetle turbo whine tone changine

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Hi everyone.

I had a quick question. Yesterday I started the bug and it made the same normal high pitch whine the turbo makes. It sat for 12 hours before I left for work I started the car and heard this:


Any thoughts? :confused:

I should add that there is no cel on the car seems to drive ok and the turbo is still operating correctly. It only makes the noise when warming up. Thanks a million!
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Secondary Air Pump?
Secondary Air Pump?
Kinda hoping that could be it. Figured I'd hit the vw guru's here for advise :D
Well, a easy troubleshooting step would be; just unplug the electrical connector from the secondary air injection pump and see if the sound goes away (when you start the car; you will probably get a check engine light however). You could also; connect the pump to the battery and see if the sound is from the pump, that way (wire leads from the battery; engine off).
Bloody brilliant! Thank you!!! I can handle and figure out the most complex things but think simple. Not me haha. Thank you! I will do that and let u guys know what happens!
Checked it out. That's def where the sound is coming from. She's actually acting normal so for now I'll keep an ear on it and get one in stock for when it does go. Thanks everyone I appreciate the help!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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