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Hello everyone.. My name is Jesus... 32 yr male and this is my beetle.... =)

2000 NB GLX
1.8t APH "150 Hp"
5 Spd Man.
Carbon fiber wraped Center Radio Dash part
Have Ko4 Turbo to instal with 3 Inch dp, test pipe ansa silverline exhaust samco TIP,AGP wastegate custom, High flow Mani heat wraped, Baileys motorsports DV. I plan on doing some custom bumper work hope it turns out ok just need a good lip to add to it and lower the car... Still not sure if im going to keep the APH ecu or do an ecu swap to the AWP for better software "chip" choices... otherwise im looking into unitronic so far..
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This is what i plan on doing to the bumper plus a nice lip...
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