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Bentley vw new beetle manual for sale

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bentley volkswagon new beetle service manual,1998 thru 2002 1.8Lturbo,1.9L TDI diesel,and 2.0L gasoline.....hey guys bought this awhile back and dont need anymore u know how expensive they are,im selling mine for $50 bux plus shipping it will ship in a postal priority box so shipping will ethier be one of the below,(cause im not quite sure which box it will fit in yet)if its less ill send u the difference thnx,if interested send me ur contact info and we`ll go from there thnx

Medium Flat Rate Boxes:
- $12.35 Domestic Priority Mail

Large Flat Rate Box:
- $16.85 Domestic Priority Mail
this only includes u.s shipping anywhere else then we`ll have to refigure,postal money orders or checks are ok will send when payment clears thnx again


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I will buy it.
How do you want to be paid?
bentley manual

well iggy i went to the post office this am and found out it will ship in a medium priority box and its only $12.35 so its cheaper than i originally thought, anyway send me a check or money order for $62.35 and its yours as soon as payment clears,u can pm me or email me ur phone,address and real name and i`ll send u my address and thats it:cool:

Thank you Troy.
Highly recommend this person.

your welcome glad you could use it.
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