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Berea GTG - September 24

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Berea (Cleveland) Ohio GTG
Saturday, September 24, 2005

I know it seems like we just had a Berea GTG. That's because we just did. But peeps are demanding another one before year's see y'all at Tony K's.


12 NOON - 1:00 PM - Admiring our NBs in the parking lot and gossiping about the org peeps who are not present. All fist fights between attending members will be conducted at that time, before entering the restaurant. All those wishing to punch me in the nose for remarks I have made in the chat room or forums will be required to take a number.

1:00 PM - ? Lunch


Tony K's Bar & Grille
841 W. Bagley Rd.
Berea, Ohio


Red Roof Inn
17555 Bagley Road at Engle Road
Clean and reasonably priced
Minutes from restaurant and Tom's Mom's garage

This will be a simple lunch get-together. After lunch, peeps are free to roam around the city, individually or as a group.

Everyone is invited. But please post to this site if you plan to attend, so I can make reservations.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

Long Live!

Those currently indicating they will come (I will periodically update this list) are:

retrorich (Rich)
Joan (my partner)
pdoel (Pete)
Bugsy98nb (Jay)
Don_and_Herbie (Don)
Fowvay (Tom)
MaryKay (Mrs. Tom)
wawalker67 (Bill)
bugman (Jerry)
Johnny Ohio (Johnny)
Mrs. Johnny Ohio (Rusty)
Silverspeedbuggy (Chris)

? ctsoh (Steve)
? drvn1dvsvw (Justin)

R.I.P 12/21/2006 - 65 Years Young.
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Pete: Thanks for posting this page on the new forum. See you Saturday!

Beetlegirl25: Sorry you can't make it. Perhaps some other time.
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