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Hey everybody,

So i've been checking this "Transmission Talk" section of the Forum (seriously, up to page 21 so far :banghead:), and I have yet to find a thread that answers the question for my specific model and year. I did research and took all advice into consideration with the "DMF vs SMF" decision while working up the money. I've decided to go with DMF.

So here's the million dollar question: What brand has the best DMF clutch kit for an a 6speed '02 NB Turbo S? By best I mean in terms of reliability (least likely to have manufactured problems), smoothness, and longevity. I'm looking for one between $300-$500, but if it runs a little over $500 before taxes, that's ok. My limit is about $530 though (pre-tax).

Also, this will be the first clutch job on this car period, and I'm at roughly 112,000 miles. The reason though, is because of a complete lack of a clutch, not because of problems with the tranny in any way. At this mileage, should I just have the slave/master cylinder replaced since the engine (which has just been rebuilt) and clutch have yet to be reinstalled into the car? I would hate to have problems with this little thing AFTER having everything reinstalled, because of the fact that the whole tranny has to be taken apart to get to it (from what I've heard). That would really suck.

Once again, I have the money ready as I type this, so as soon as I can get some good experienced opinions, I will order the clutch kit asap. Thanks

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I do not own a Turbo S; however if you want to be sure that the new clutch meets your specifications; you need up you budget by $150.

Generic Stock Kits start $350 and up; the advertised "Above Average" Stock Replacement Kits are around $650 and the so-touted "Performance" Stock Replacement Kits are $800 and up.

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The stock clutch OEM is Luk; here are the part numbers for the original clutch and dual mass flywheel:


Part #: DMF032 Dual-mass Flywheel

Clutch kit Part #: 02-040 1.8L 6-Spd, Slave Cylinder included

Amazon has both: should be under your budget:

Amazon.com: LuK 02-040 Clutch Set: Automotive

Amazon.com: LuK DMF032 Clutch Flywheel: Automotive

If you are looking to do the single mass flywheel conversion; Valeo makes a kit, if you want stock and avoid any potential issues with the conversion, go with the Luk.

Valeo 52405615 Solid Flywheel Conversion Kit
by Valeo

Valeo Clutches » Products » Clutch Kits » Clutch Conversion Kits :: Solid Flywheel Conversion :: Valeo Clutches

Amazon.com: Valeo 52405615 Solid Flywheel Conversion Kit: Automotive
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