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Beware Of Naked Peanuts

One day, a minister decided that he would visit some members of his congregation at their homes to encourage them and find out how they were doing.

After having already visited several members, he arrived at the door of a poor, elderly widow. He rang.

She answered, and let him in. He was ushered into the living room where he and the widow sat down and began a casual conversation.

After a few minutes into his conversation, he noticed a candy dish, full of peanuts, on the coffee table.

Under ordinary circumstances, he would not have asked the question, but it was almost noon, and he hadn't eaten anything since his early breakfast and he was beginning to feel quite hungry.

So, he asked the widow, "do you mind if I have some of these nuts?"

"Help yourself," she replied. So, he did.

Well, they continued chatting, when the minister realized that he had finished all the peanuts in the dish.

He felt quite embarrassed for having gotten so carried away in his conversation, that he didn't even think to leave some in the dish for her.

So, shamefully, he said to her, "I'm really sorry. It seems that I've eaten all your peanuts - I didn't mean to finish them all. Please forgive me."

The poor, elderly widow casually waved her hand at him and said, "Oh, that's quite all right. Since I don't have any teeth, all I can do is suck the chocolate off them anyway!"
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