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Birmingham based vcds (vagcom) service fully licensed version offering the following......

Full diagnostic scans to find any and all problems in your cars system

Fault find and identified and fault codes (dcts) cleared if possible (some codes if say a sensor is broke can be cleared but will re occur due to fault still being present until sensor is changed ) but full faults will be identified and given to you

Dpf re generation vcds can force a re gen for sooted dpf' but please not if dpf is to clogged it will not work and would need replacement unit

Service reset - there are many YouTube and Forums that show how to do this but vcds can do it even if the light still shows

Activation- because all vag group cars have different modules that control the cars there are many extra options that can be switched on for comfort and convenience such as windows up/down from key remote , alarm chirp on lock and unlock , anti hijack (doors lock after 15kms driving or 9mph) etc

This vcds service is open to all Audi,vw,seat and skoda vehicles since 1990 this includes vans too
Although Birmingham based will travel to you depending on distance a small charge for fuel and traveling but nothing mad
costs for services below

Full diagnostic scan £20
Service reset £5
Dpf re gen £5
Activated units £5-10 (depending on how many you have done )

Please email or txt whatsapp 07875444404 no calls due to work not allowing calls but contact any of the above I will reply ASAP thanks for looking

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With full VCDS you can view the long coding explanations for all of the supported controllers, and toggle on and off all kinds of features. There's just a checkbox for enabling window roll-up and down with the 9Apps Showbox keyfob.
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