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I have never experienced these two issues with any other car I've had in nearly 40 years of driving.

My daughter is the primary driver of my older 2000 Cyber Green GLS. It's a 2.0 auto with a bit over 110K. For a period of about 2 months, the fuel gauge decided to stop working and always showed "Empty." No big deal. I just did the Poor Man's method of resetting the trip odometer to zero at fill-ups and told my daughter to re-fill once it reached 250 miles or so. Out of nowhere, the gauge has started working again!

The other issue is the passenger side power window. Ever since I bought the car in 2009, it's had a mind of its own. Sometimes it works flawlessly and then for a period ranging anywhere from a half hour to a full 24 hours, it won't move once I push either switch to roll it down. Then it works for a few weeks and then the same pattern occurs again.

Any ideas? I don't know how to fix anything, so I'm just trying to get a feel for how much these things will cost me to resolve.

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Fuel gauge: problems with these typically break down into three areas.

1. the fuel sending unit; inside the gas tank and connected to the fuel pump fails. These can be purchased separately but it maybe more cost effective to replace the whole assembly with a whole new Bosch fuel pump. Amazon has the best price with free shipping.

2. guages in the speedo cluster; have been known to fail. You can ship out the speedo cluster to get repaired or fix it yourself, by replacing the stepper motor for the fuel gauge.

3. the wiring from the cluster to the sending unit.

Based upon; my own failing fuel guage, the way yours is acting was similar to mine, it was the sending unit. I replaced it and the problem, went away.

Window problems: these problems typically break down into:

1. window regulator; these wear out and over time, stop working correctly and can work erratically.

2. window switches; these wear out, break and can work intermittently.

3. wiring in the door itself; the wiring harness between the body and into the door, flex every time you open, close the door. The wires; can break and cause a intermittent short and work intermittently.

My first thought; would be a window switch that is going bad; does it act the same way, if you try the other window switch on the passenger side? The window regulators are know to fail on these; the wiring harness, is possible but the passenger side typically doesn't get used as much as the drivers side. You can get a window regulator from Volkswagen, typically in the $50-$80 range.

When there are electrical problems on Volkswagens; they typically, will throw a trouble code (switches, regulators, fuel gauge sending units etc.). I would invest in a affordable VW specific scan tool/code reader and that way, you can get a sense of what the problem is. Look on amazon; you can get cheap ones for less than $50 (e.g. VS450; among many others) and there are more high end models that can do much more like the Foxwell 500 and the factory vw level tool, VCDS from Ross Tech. To just read codes; you can get one of the cheaper ones and it will help you diagnose problems with the trouble codes, you are able to read. When you get the trouble codes; you can post them up here and we will help you figure out what the problem is. You can save allot of money; just by being able to read the trouble codes and deciding what to do from there.

http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_n...s=vag scan tool&sprefix=vag+scan+t,automotive

Bosch Fuel Pump:

Turbine Fuel PumpsBosch state-of-the-art turbine fuel pumps offer many advantages when compared to older roller-cell and inner-gear pump designs, while significantly reducing wear and delivering a longer service life.
Engine Designation: AEG

Bosch Part Number:


$146 from amazon.com with free shipping; best deal I have found.

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