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Black glove box and surround for sale

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the surround and box is in great shape. both are black, both tabs to lock it are in tact. the handle was broken off. let me know if you want this and i can ship it from the dealership.

$75 plus shipping.

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What year is it for; so is it repairable or reusable (with the broken handle)?

I have my broken glove box for my turbo s; so could I swap the aluminum one from the old one to another one (The end result being a fully functional glove box door?)?
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the clips that hold the handle in need to be snapped back into place.

years 1998-2005 for sure. the turbo-s handle will fit perfectly in there. just need to fix the pins that hold it in.

heres a pic:

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So, how would you repair this door; do you have to crack it open, make repairs and reglue it back together? So, the door; isn't functional, as it is now? What would it take to make it work and be ready to use? Sorry about the questions; just unclear, about what it would take to repair the glove box and be ready to install, use! Thanks! :)
2 options:

1. crack, plastic weld handle, re weld door

2. buy new door

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