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blaquea8's 2000 Silver 1.8t - updated!

New mod pics are at the end which include my new A-pillar gauge pod with REVO boost and A/F gauges, my new Blaupunkt Seattle MP3 deck and the blue neon tube that I installed in place of the small light over where the "stuff holders" are (also referred to as cup holders even though most cups don't fit...)

Mods List:

-18x8 Axis TC Evo rims w/Pirelli P-Zero Nero tires
-H&R springs
-Wings West body kit
-Lancer Evo side graphics (replica of kit seen on the Lancer Evo in 2 Fast 2 Furious)

-painted interior trim
-blue neon under dash/over cup holders
-A-pillar gauge pod w/ REVO boost and A/F gauges

-custom fabricated angel eyes in headlights
-10k HIDs
-Lamin-x amber foglight covers w/amber foglight bulbs

-GFB Hybrid bov
-custom air intake

Soon to come:
-KO3 sport turbo, injectors, fuel rail and intake manifold from a AWW 01 Jetta (I have and APH engine :mad: )
-chipped ECU (have it but not installed - waiting until I put in the new turbo stuff)

HUGE audio system from Blaupunkt is also coming soon:
-Blaupunkt "Seattle" headunit (INSTALLED 12-30-05)
-3 Overdrive ODw1200 12's in custom fiberglass enclosure
-1 Velocity VA1400 amp (subs)
-1 Velocity VA4100 amp (components)
-5.25" Overdrive ODc540 components in kickpanels
-6.5" Overdrive ODc650 components in custom dash


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I am dumb. What does the graphic on the door mean?:confused:


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Cool ride, the Axis TC rims are awesome. You have peaked my interest with your "soon to come" I also own an APH motor. I have thought of trading up to a turbo S but then I would lose the uniqueness of my New Beetle. I will subscribe to this thread and check back with each post. I would love to put a K03sport on my car but I think I need to finish my body kit first.
Keep the mods comming!

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Photo said:
I never really understood why people put graphics on a daily driver car. It always just looks out of place. Not yours though, very nice.
Something I wanted to say but could not think of a tactful way to sy it. Well spoken Steven.:D
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