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2009 Beetle convertible cabriolet
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Hi, Like others, the foam on my Beetle air blend doors has rotted and fallen off. (FYI: The 2 blend doors are metal flaps deep inside the dash and mix hot/cold air and direct air to the various outlets. The doors are covered w/ foam that degrades into gummy, sticky pebbles that blow into the cabin & ruin clothes - like your wife's dress & you get into trouble.) The factory procedure is to pull the whole dash, steering wheel, air bags, etc, etc to recover the metal doors. Even my shop's factory-trained mechanic isn't jumping at the work. Big job. Expensive.
I've looked at "hacks" posted here that avoid pulling the whole dashboard by cutting into the plastic to get at the doors. Thank you very much for the posts. BTW my heater core is fine so 1 less reason to pull the whole dash.
This weekend, I took the center dash apart and pulled the radio. My dash looks quite different that pix of other's hacks because of the different years. This is 2009 Beetle, convertible, right hand drive, made in Mexico. 1Y VIN series.
The plastic where the word "OK" is written in chalk (factory??) and where I put the #1 is actually the cover for an air duct. You can slide your hand down the duct through an opening just under the 2 "D" shaped, air outlets. So there would be at least 1 more piece of plastic behind that front layer to cut .... Doesn't seem right place to cut on this model ??? Can I get to the doors by cutting into the horizontal plastic plate at the very top of the picture. On this year, can I get there by taking out the center console. I'd prefer to NOT cut the plastic covering at the ankle level. I REALLY appreciate any help y'all have. Also how do I get that !$%*)@# foam outta my wife's dress. Dry cleaners tried & got nowhere.

Thanks in advance
2009 VW Beetle Convert  - center dash exposed_notes.jpg
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