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106k original miles.

This car has been my daily driver for 7 years and I've put the majority of the miles on it (had 41k when I bought it). I'm the 4th or 5th owner, car originally shipped to NY, then was registered in OH before being sold at auction, then to a man in Wilmington, NC whom I purchased the car from in August of 2007. I do have a pretty good paper trail of the maintenance over the years as well. I've got a new car and I need to sell this one because the insurance on three cars is wayyy too much for my budget and I don't have the money to play around with a project car, plus my new car needs tires and brakes done so I need money for that.

I do have several posts on the forum here under this name as well as user "Rinblu" that go over the various mechanical challenges I've had with the car.

This is all off the top of my head. I will post detailed pictures in the morning.

Interior: Mostly original. Missing headliner. Partially painted interior roof with blue paint; some blue paint drips on console. Rear cupholder broken. Interior has several deep scratches in the trim plastic. Rear headrests missing. Driver's seat leather cracked and worn, but drivers' and passengers seats are heated and heater works well. All interior lights work.
AC does blow cold air but car shakes and makes horrible noise when it is turned on so I have not used it. Mechanics have told me its the compressor going bad.
Heater works fine.

Sound system: Aftermarket Pioneer single CD player and enhanced stereo system with removable faceplate.

Exterior: All glass is original and it does have minor aftermarket tint. Small rock chip in windshield. Paint is faded and clear coat is flaking/peeling in several spots. Decals are bonded to clear coat on several parts of the car. Significant dent in passenger side running board and the mirror on that side was replaced by me but does function correctly with interior switch.
The exterior hood latch was broken by a mechanic doing an oil change so now it has a rope pull to open the latch because I couldn't find just the handle. It's not pretty, but it works.
Has full-sized 16" spare that is currently on the car because I got a flat right before I stopped using it as a daily driver, so it needs a new tire.

Currently car has an ignition or starter issue. It will always eventually start but sometimes it takes 3-20 tries before it does. Battery has been checked and is fine. I replaced the ignition switch about 4 years ago when it showed similar issues. It may be heat related because now that it's cooled down weather wise the car is starting much more reliably.
Car needs 75,000 mile service (never done) and for sure needs brakes and a tuneup. I had the timing belt and water pump replaced with a metal-impellered pump (stock is a plastic impeller which tend to crack with age) at Eurowise as preventative measure about a year and a half ago.
The car runs and shifts without trouble once it has started so the transmission is fine.

I do have a clean, original title but have misplaced it during a move, so I have to get a duplicate copy from the DMV. While I am waiting for that to come, I figured I'd post it here before I go to the local classifieds.

You can send me messages here regarding the car or text nine eight zero 213 six one three 8. I'd prefer no calls but if that's your only contact method I'd roll with it, just don't expect an answer right away because I work two jobs and can't carry my phone with me at either.

Thanks guys! You'll see me in the Other Rides section soon and I do hope to rejoin the VW family in the near future.
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