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Alright.... long version, getting a loud hiss under boost from engine comp. I pressure checked the hoses by capping behind throttle body and capped at intake manifold thru turbo. Pressure held. My guage is showing 15psi under peak boost which is normal. There is a noticeable lack of power though. I checked my DV by Forge and its holding. Engine idles good so im thinking not a vacuum leak. But I swear I have checked every hose from turbo through intercooler to manifold and cant find a damn thing. I have noticed a audible change in the exhaust note at idle from louder to quieter and wondering if this has to do with anything.

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Is it possible for a leak to be at threaded arm going into wastegate?

Is there a possibility that the wastegate itself can leak??
I blew through one of the N75 vacuum hose and there is a "cap" on one port that is leaking but very minor.
Thoughts.....Idea's....Thanks in advance!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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