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Hi Guys,
Recently on my 2004 NB convertible, both the sideview mirrors and the rear defogger stopped working (no heat). I do have a VAGCOM connector, but was hoping I could get some guidance first.

5/23/10 <3
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Have you checked your fuses?

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Agreed. First thing to check.


codes as follow.

F1(10A) Heated wind screen washer jets, heated door mirrors, glove box lamp
F2(10A) Indicators, head lamp adjustment (gas discharge head lamps)
F3(5A) Fog lamp relay, lights
F4(5A) Licence plate lamps
F5(7,5A) Air-conditioning (AC),heated seats, cruise control, convenience equipment, engine coolant blower motor control module, parking aid, multifunction steering wheel
F6(5A) Central locking
F7(10A) Reversing lamps
F9(5A) Electronic stability programme (ESP), Haldex coupling (2001^), anti-lock brake system (ABS)
F11(5A) Instrument panel, AT selector lever lock
F12(7,5A) Data link connector (DLC), telephone(^04/99)
F13(10A) Stop lamps
F14(5A/10A) Interior lamps, central locking
F15(5A) ESP (05/99^), instrument panel, automatic transmission (AT)
F16(10A) AC compressor clutch, engine coolant pump motor, engine coolant blower motor control module
F17(7,5A) Door lock barrel heater (^04/99)
F18(10A) RH headlamp- high beam
F19(10A) LH headlamp-high beam
F20(10A/15A)RH headlamp-low beam, head lamp adjustment
F21(10A/15A) LH headlamp-low beam, headlamp adjustment
F22(5A) RH side/tail lamps
F23(5A) LH side/tail lamps
F24(20A) Wind screen wash/wipe system
F25(25A) AC/heater blower motor, air conditioning (AC)
F26(20A/25A) Heated rear window
F27(10A/15A) Rear screen wiper
F28(15A) Fuel pump
F29(10A/15A) Engine management
F30(20A) Sunroof
F31(20A) Brake assist (05/99^), automatic transmission (AT)
F32(10A/15A) Engine management
F33(20A) Headlamp washers
F34(10A) Engine management
F35(30A) Trailer socket
F36(15A) Front fog lamps, rear fog lamps
F37(10A) Audio unit, convenience equipment, navigation system (05/99^), S-contact
F38(15A) Boot lid/tail gate lamp, central locking, convenience equipment, remote fuel flap/boot lid/tailgate release
F39(15A) Hazard warning lamps
F40(20A) Horn
F41(15A) Cigarette lighter
F42(25A) Audio unit, audio unit output amplifier, navigation system
F43(10A) Engine management
F44(15A) Heated seats
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