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i'll admit up front i don't come here often, never until a few yrs ago, but when the gal i started dating had a beetle that needed some things done i found y'all and got help with changing headlights. thx again to that bunch, saved us some $$$.

we have a new issue that is even befuddling to the shop and thought i'd see if anyone here has had similar probs, thx in advance for any direction.

2006 turbo diesel beetle, 70-ish k. brakes were starting to feel a little soft, then occasionally the pedal would go to the floor, no brakes at all. took it in to a local guy who has great reviews, wife knows him from school where she teaches, has his kids. i honestly trust the guy and believe he knows his stuff.

first trip in, had master cyl and brake booster replaced. driving off the lot the pedal went to the floor. drove it home hoping/praying maybe it was a fluke. (really though, i knew better.) nope, kept doing it over the next 2 days. take it back, after having it quite a while they determine it's the vacuum pump. they replace the pump, she drives it a couple of days then same thing happens. pedal to the floor.

i would have thought if it was a bad vacuum pump the pedal would have gotten hard as it would not be providing vacuum for the booster. so i'm not so sure i agree that it was/could have been a vacuum pump. but i don't know beetles, nor do i know diesels that well either.

but the pedal is going to the floor, so where is that pressure going? i know jeeps, and i don't think there is a whole lot of difference between jeep brake sys's and vw sys's, don't know that for a fact, but they're just brakes. i'm guessing a leaking wheely cyl maybe? prob gonna throw the bug on a jack tonight when the temp get's back to the low 100's. :eek:

any ideas or direction would be greatly appreciated.
(and the gal that i was dating i married, so the beetle is now a family member.)

cheers and thanks y'all, j-
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