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Brake light one and beeping when hot

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Brake light on and beeping when hot

1999 2.0 GLS, 114K miles. I've researched the well known brake light beeping and I've checked the fluid level and pads. I've also read that it could be a low voltage problem, battery or alternator. But, I've got a new battery and I've noticed that the brake light and beeping only comes on during afternoon driving, when it's hot outside. I'm in Sacramento, and right now it's in the 90's in the afternoon.

The brake light doesn't come on in the morning or evening. I've kinda ruled out the low voltage issue because I can turn on the radio and A/C full blast at in the morning and night and there's no brake light and beeping during those times. It only occurs when it's warming up outside in the afternoons.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Have you scanned the car for trouble codes? Which light is coming on exactly?

I haven't scanned for codes yet as the check engine light isn't on. I guess I should scan it anyways with my odb2 reader. The light is the "brake" light - the same one that goes on when the parking brake is engaged. Thanks.
Definitely scan the car; if you can get access to a vw specific code reader, you may have some trouble codes, that can give you an idea, what might be going on. A generic obd II code reader; would most likely not have the ability to read vw specific codes about the brake/abs computers on your car.

According to the Bentley manual:

Brake system warning light functions:

* Lights momentarily and goes out if key is switched on and parking brake in not applied (as a self test)
*Lights if key is switched on and parking brake is applied
*Lights if key is switched on and parking brake is not applied if brake fluid level is low (may flicker)
*May light in conjunction with ABS warning light if certain Diagnostic Trouble Codes are present.

In my experience; the light and beeping light, come on in this situation: if I forget to release the emergency brake and drive (move) the car, the brake light will be on, beeping will be on as well. I am wondering; if the switch/sensor, related to this, is malfunctioning? I would assume; a trouble code, might be thrown and readable with a vw compatible scan tool.

In this case: #11 shown in this diagram:



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Billy, thanks for the info. I will take a look at it this weekend.
My car did the same thing yesterday afternoon. I was in some heavy traffic. Did any of you guys beeping light turn off when you let off the foot brake, or just mine???
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