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Brake moan/groan at very low speed

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2000 NB 1.8t

When I slowly let go of the brakes the front wheels (left and right) groan. Same happens right before coming to a stop. There is no noise when braking at a higher speed. I recently changed the brake pads, rotors, replaced brake fluid, and greased the guide pins with silicone. This groaning noise was happening before the changes. What could it be?
I thought it might be the calipers but while the car is parked there is no noise when stepping on the brakes.

I can record the problem if needed.
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A video; would be helpful, maybe we can hear what you are referring to. I wonder if the abs is coming on; for some reason.

Can a bad brake booster make that noise? It feels/sounds like its coming right behind the brake pedal. The front left rotor is missing the retaining screw but I doubt its that, I bought one anyways.
Based upon what I am hearing; when you are stopping/going forward with the brakes.... it sounds like the pads/rotors grabbing/releasing. What brand and rotors did you buy; it may have something to do with the characteristics of the pads you are using? DId you clean the rotors with brake cleaner; before you installed them? I wonder if your pads/rotors; have not "bedded in" yet? It can take some time; for new rotors and pad to "bed in" with full stopping performance. Rotors and pads; can become glazed and they don't stop, grab well. I would also; make sure that the plastic/rubber vacuum line, from the engine to the brake booster is not undone or cracked (a common problem, as these cars age).

Here are some bedding in techniques; you might try.

https://www.google.com/webhp?source...pv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=how to bed in brakes properly


I washed the rotors in soap/water and brake cleaner after. This noise was happening before the pad/rotor change. I will check out the vacuum hose this weekend.
Vacuum hose on the brake booster is in good condition.
Did you bed in the new brake rotors/pad? Has the sound changed; at all? :confused:
There seems to be lots of different ways to bed in brakes, I've been driving normally in city streets. Noise hasn't changed at all. What I don't understand is that this noise was there before the pad/rotor change.

saw the video and it seems like your caliper pistons or a piston is stuck, not releasing back. I would put the car's front end on jackstands and then try to duplicate to diagnose which one or both are doing that.
It doesn't make that noise while the car is in park. I would guess if the piston is sticking it should make that noise while parked.
Will you ab
It doesn't make that noise while the car is in park. I would guess if the piston is sticking it should make that noise while parked.
Were you able to resolve that issue?
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