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Brake vacuum boost line

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Found the pipe in the pic hanging loose. End of the pipe is cracked and there isn't a champ to be found. I Don't see this in the Bentley manual, but research indicates it is a common issue. I have usu top see one with the heat shield on it, and I haven't found it on my trusty VW parts site. Does anyone have a part #?


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Maybe, this one? Do you have a Manual or Automatic transmission?

Volkswagen part #: 1C0612041AA

Volkswagen New Beetle 1.8T - 1C0612041AA - Small Vacuum hose - ES#297660

or this one?

Volkswagen part #: 1J0612041GD


There are a couple of different versions; based on engine and transmission combinations:


You might just call your local VW dealer's parts dept with your VIN #; to confirm the correct part #.
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I have the 6speed auto, thanks for the info. I get to a real computer I will check it out.
I don't think any of those are correct. I have the 1.8T with an Auto. The pipe in question comes up from under the car and connects to the pipe just above it in the pic. The broken one is covered with some sort of heat shield and is of course thin plastic. I ended up taping the end and then putting a hose clamp on it to keep it solid. Cleared the code and it hasn't returned. I am still looking for the replacement pipe.
Call your vw dealers parts dept with your VIN #; they should be able to get you, what you need. There are online vw dealers parts places as well: VW Parts | Volkswagen Parts
All of the hard plastic tubes/pipes are only available from the dealer and they are designed to shrink around the metal tube/pipe that they connect to.
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