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Break-in period

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Hey guys i'm picking up my 2006 TDI next week, and am wondering what your recomendations are for properly breaking this car in. Just so i can verify what VW tells me, and what you guys tell me.

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With the manual you will have more control over the break-in which is definitely good.

Here's a link to the break-in procedure most follow on the TDIclub forum...I believe it's similar or the same to what is referenced on this forum:


You should know that the diesel isn't fully broken in until about 50K miles. You don't necessarily have to treat it as such for that long...but just an FYI for when you are checking out your mpgs when you get it. I would start tracking it from day one and you should see it gradually increase. It just might be lower than you expect at first. You should also figure out how to "vent" your tank as soon as possible. That way you can be for sure about your fill line everytime...and you can get the most range from your tank.

Good luck.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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