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New to this forum and here looking for help....please!!!! The motor mount ear broke off of my 2000 beetle with a 2.0. I ordered the vangogh bracket and have it but can't figure out how and where to put it. I've seen the pics on diesel geek but I'm not at all familiar with Volkswagen. Can someone please help and tell me where it goes?! Thank you so much. I need to get this car back on the road!:confused::confused::confused:

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It goes on the upper rear motor mount on the passenger side rear of engine.

You will need motor mount bolts for the mount when you take it off. They are one time use.
Installing the Van Gogh brackets:

Q: Will I have to remove the engine to install the Van Gogh bracket?

A: No, the bracket is installed with the engine in the car.

Q: Will I need to drill and tap anything to mount the Van Gogh bracket?

A: No, you will not need to drill anything. We do recommend that you use an M7-1.0 and/or an M8-1.25 tap to clean the two lower threaded holes in the engine block if your engine block is very rusty.

Q: Will all necessary hardware come with the kit?

A: Yes, the kits do come with necessary hardware to bolt the bracket to the block. We do sell a MK4 hardware kit that gives you all of the other bolts you need to replace all of the bolts in the engine mount system. You will need the bolts whether you buy them from us or your local VW dealer. Please note that we do not sell the extra bolt kits for the MK5 chassis.

Q: Are there instructions for mounting the Van Gogh brackets?

A: No, we offer just the pictures on our website as a guide to install the brackets as it is pretty self explanatory.

Q: The Van Gogh bracket is made of aluminum. Will it be strong enough to support the engine?

A: The Van Gogh brackets are milled from one chunk of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum and are hence stronger than the broken ear on your cast iron engine block. We have never heard of a single failure after selling more than 1500 kits.
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