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Last year Bubba was applying for a job.

The boss who was to do the hiring asked what Bubba's qualifications were.

Bubba said, "I know everybody."

The boss replied, "You can't know EVERYBODY!"

Bubba said, "I do, try me. Tell me a name and I'll tell you if I know them."

The boss said, "How about Arnold Schwarzeneggar?"

Bubba said "Yeah, I know Arnold."

The boss didn't believe him, so they drove to Sacramento. When they got to the capitol they found Arnold.

Bubba said "Hi, Arnold!"

Arnold replied "Hi, Bubba!"

They hugged and talked for 30 minutes catching up with each other.

The boss said, "Well, you know Arnold, but you can't know EVERYBODY. You can't know the president."

Bubba said, "Yes, I know the president."

So they flew to Washington DC, went to the White House and saw George Bush walking by.

Bubba called out "Hey, George!"

The president turned around and said "Hi, Bubba!"

They hugged and spent thirty minutes catching up on old times.

The boss was impressed, but he still doubted Bubba.

"Ok, so you know Arnold and you know the president, but you can't really know everybody."

"I do" insisted Bubba.

The boss replied, "Oh yeah? Do you know...the Pope?"

"Sure I do," said Bubba.

So they flew off to Vatican city. The pope was about to make a speech at St. Peter's Basillica. A crowd was gathering, and in the middle of the large crowd Bubba and the boss became separated. The boss was looking all around the crowd for several minutes for Bubba, when he noticed Bubba up on the balcony with the pope.

As he was staring in amazement, somebody in the crowd elbowed him and asked,
"Who is that up there with Bubba?"
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