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Last Update 03.04.10


- Turbonetics T3 Super60 turbo
- C2 42# software
- Bosch 42# "green top" injectors
- OEM side mount intercooler
- Forge 007p diverter valve
- Forge billet boost controller
- Custom 2.5" exhaust with turndown after resonator
- Polished Manifold and piping w/ 3" MAF housing
- V-Band throttle body
- evap, sai, egr, etc. removed.
- Wiring harness relocated under frame rail.
- relocated braille battery

- G60 14lb. Flywheel
- VR6 Clutch Disk
- VR6 Pressure Plate

Running Gear:
- Mason-Tech Air Struts
- Universal Air AH2 bags w/ Baak2Basics brackets
- Zimmermann Cross Drilled Rotors
- Mintex "red box" Pads
- BBS RS178 17"x9.5"
- 1.3" and 1.5" adapters
- Falken Ziex ze512, 215/45

- Votex Front Clip w/ relocated corner markers
- Color Matched Headlight surrounds
- Debadged Hood with air inlet
- Concept roof
- Freedom Design Spoiler
- Red/ Clear Tailights
- Flat Black rear logo
- Stubby Antennae
- Diesel Geek 'Panzer' skid plate

- OEM beige leather
- Reversed Cluster (large tach / small speedo)
- Color Matched Dash Trim
- Re-Wrapped OEM Wheel in beige Perforated leather
- Audi TT shift knob
- Turbo S door pins
- Autometer sport comp boost gauge
- VIAIR Pressure Guages
- A little bit of Camo
- A gift card to the liquor store.

Awards ::

05 Spring Show & Go - Englishtown, NJ - 3rd Place, NB Mod.
07 Spring Show & Go - Englishtown, NJ - 2nd Place, NB Mod.
07 VW Superjam - Maple Grove, PA - 1st Place, NB Mod.
07 V.A.G. Fair - York, PA - 1st Place, NB Wild
07 DJD Halftime Show - Jersey - 1st Place, NB Mod.
07 H20i - Ocean City, MD - 3rd place, NB Wild
08 Spring Show & Go - Englishtown, NJ - 2nd Place, NB Mod.
08 Volksfest - Campbelltown, PA - 1st Place, NB Mod.
09 Fall Show & Go - Englishtown, NJ - 3rd Place, NB Mod.

As Seen in ::

PVW Readers Rides - Jan. 08

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Welcome back! We've been waiting for you...... :lol:

Lovely to see your New Beetle again! ;)

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I love your Beetle, it's looking great. I wanted to know how you went about color matching the inner part of your headlights. I've been searching for aftermarket headlights, and haven't had too much luck finding many, so this is the next best bet.

I really appreciate your help. Keep rockin' the Bug!!

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Mattsbug | The front bumper is actually the US votex bumper which I then smoothed and reshaped a little to match the original Euro votex bumper. I also removed the indicator lights which are mounted up next to the headlights. The turn signals are now located along the bottom in the fog light position.

n2vdubz | When I had the front end of the car painted I disassembled the headlight housings and had them painted along with the bumper. If you do this I recommend going to a trusty body shop and walking them through the process. My body shop ended up cracking a housing and neither one truly fits well anymore.

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Good to see you back on NB.Org. The bug is looking good as ever. I really like the 18" Trophys and the AWE Tuning license surround.

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Looken SWEET! Love the hood, is that custom with the air induction or did it come that way ? Love what you have done :) and the roof is interesting ;)

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What's the story on the front bumper? Did you get a euro one, or was it possible to shave those side markers? What kind of gains did you get from the exhaust, intake and GIAC software? Ever have it dynoed?

Looking good though! :D


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And speaking of turn signals, where are they? Hidden behind the grill? Your car looks fantastic, I just wish my car had a manual! Let us know what kind of gains you get from all your mods.
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