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I would like to introduce ya'll to 'Buggin' (again...haha). She is a 2001, 1.8T, Reflex Silver, NB. She was previously my sister's car until she passed her down to me. When I got the car it was so dirty that you actually couldn't see the dents or scratches on her paint. The locking clip on the center console was broken. The floor mats were molding. The leather is stained a dirty color from never being maintained in the 4 years my sister had her. The rear speakers are blown to pieces. There are more dents and scratches that I can even count on my fingers and toes.

Anyways, she had a rough life before but now she is in the pampering hands of myself. She gets a bath about once a week. Her dents and scratches are on their way to be removed in the next couple of weeks when I get some other body work done. Her leather is in a several stage process of cleaning and slowly getting cleaner at every application. The center console locking clip is in the mail. The rear speakers are ready to go in I am just waiting for a relatively cool day to put them in because I dont have a garage and it gets hot as hell down here in Florida. I also put in a Euro switch and a couple LED mods. I also put some clear corners on and ordered some clear screw covers for them. Anyways enough of my talking, on to the pictures.

Current Modifications:

Front Clear Lenses
Rear Clear Lenses
Blue LED for Cupholder Light
Painted Door Handles
Blue LED Door Lights
Aluminum Door Lock Masts
European Light Switch
Custom Aluminum Mesh Fog Light Grilles
Brushed Aluminum Gauge Bezel
Custom Red LED Side Markers
Blue LED Navigator Lights
Infinity 1001t Tweeters


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