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Hi, I'm Alex,

I would like to buy a used New Beetle.
I'd need it to drive in the mountains of NM and through the desert highways adn interstates in the flat land. The Beetle will occasionally need run 800 miles in 1-2 days.
I need it for two years, and will likely drive it for less than 30,000 miles, maybe even less than 20,000.

Do you think a New Bettle older than 2005 can do that without a great chance to break down in the desert, or do I need to invest more to get a newer car?

I'm looking for a 2.0 or a TDI, if I can get one cheap. Preferrably with stick shift.
What millage do you think would be okay?
I might be able to exchange the timing belt on my own, if needed.

What would you pay for such a car? Are KBB prices realistic?

Is more than 30 MPG on an interstate realistic with a 2.0 and more than 40 with a TDI?

Do you have any tipps, for what I need to look when I buy the Beetle? I could get a diagnosis reader. I guess it's be a could idea to plug this to the car, before buying, isn't it?


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