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Bye to New Beetle Turbo

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I bought 02 audi tt quattro (180hp) and just sold my beetle.

I bought 01 1.8 turbo gls from first owner about 5 years ago.

I really didn't maintain the car. I only took it to the shop when I had to. the only problem I had was replacing coil packs. others were just maintenance parts like fuel pump, bushings etc.
I put about 40,000 miles and I think I changed the oil probably 5 times at the max. I also drove around for a while with 2 quarts low. (my friend said, your car sounds weird. check oil level)
but the engine has been very strong. transmission worked fine too. But I had to let it go because of beat up exterior and interior. it wasn't worth to fix some of it and I didn't want to drive in a dirty car.

I listed with 180k miles on it. dents and scratches all over, broken front bumper, broken AC, broken armrest, broken glove box, dirty interior etc. I thought I will be lucky if I can get $1000 out of it. Listed for $1200 and kept getting calls after 10 min. Sold to the guy for $1300 with a roof rack.
I felt kind of bad since he will find more issues once he takes it to the house and examine it carefully. But he can get rid of it like that if he changes his mind. So he should be ok.
I bought it for $3000. So it was a good value car.

In fact, I spent more $ on parking ticket than maintenances.....

Btw, I got TT and found it has a clutch problem...I picked up lower than kbb so it's ok. But WTF??? 80k miles with clutch issues? I drove around like a maniac with this beetle like I stole it. I didn't have any major issues!

I heard beetle and TT is pretty much same car. (except quattro part) That's why I bought it. I hope it holds well like my beetle...
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Audi is part of VW. Ok with me! ;)
Audi is part of VW. Ok with me! ;)
I thought i bought 180hp.....and its actually 225.....Wtf? Lol
You don't like a dirty car but you can't do preventative maintenance? :rolleyes:
I hope your beetle experience taught you to take better care of your vehicles.
Yeah, I probably would have left out the long story on how you mistreated your vehicle...
Take better care of the TT than you did your Beetle. Your TT is going to require more maintenance than the beetle and cost more to up keep as well with the all wheel drive system. Needing a clutch at 80K tells me that the TT has been run hard by a person who raced the car or as bad someone who could not drive a manual transmission car. You may not have made a wise choice in vehicles ? a new clutch and flywheel is going to set you back a few dollars if you can not do the work yourself.
I agree with posts #4 through #7, however I wish you well with your TT.
Seller said it was 180hp. (I didnt look at shift knob face palm)
While replacing clutch, i found out it was 6 speed, 225hp.
It just had 5 speed flywheel and clutch discs.
I spent 1300 on clutch job but now i have 225hp tt.

Btw it looks like current new beetle turbo is faster than this car....hm...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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