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I'm looking into adding a little more HP, and was thinking of changing out the stock cam.
I've only found 3 options so far...

1)Neuspeed .429"/256 grind $262.00

2)Autotech .421/.409' 260/256 $159.95

3)Autotech .449"/270 grind $159.95

1)Pros: well know name, will run on ECU upgrade Cons: $100 more than others

2)Pros: Price, will run on Neuspeed ECU upgrade Cons: 1 step higher than a G60 grind

3) Pros: Price, good grind for mid range Cons: not sure about ECU program

Engine specs:

2.0L with 40-50k on rebuild
Neuspeed Supercharger
Pulleyboys 2.6" pulley
ABD Big Bore intake
Neuspeed P-Flow
Neuspeed P-chip ECU
Neuspeed (Tectonics) Stainless exhaust

Any suggestions? Getting ready to do a WP/Belt change and want to do it all at once.

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Have you looked at Techtonics? Their cams are pretty hard to beat, and you can't go wrong with a company people have praised for 8v cams since the mk1 gti.

check them out.
8v Hydraulic Camshafts : Techtonics Tuning

Also, If you do go above a 260 cam, it's highly recommended that you get heavier duty dual valve springs and the accompanying spring seats.

and that goes for all cams, not just Techtonics ones.
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