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Camshaft Position Sensor Circuitlow Input fault

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Hi all,

New to the forum so Hi from me in the UK.

My wifes 2002 1.6 petrol Beetle has got the following fault from fault code PO342 'Camshaft Position Sensor Circuitlow Input - status 35'

The problem we have with this is that the garage tell me that there is NOT a camshaft position sensor fitted to this car !

Has anyone else ever come accross this ?

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Keep in mind; sometimes, people can change the timing belt and the timing marks can be off a tooth or so, causing this trouble code. So, that should be checked as well (read the link; to the trouble code on the ross tech site).
i'am fully agree with you. as have also found the same from many of the user.

but it's also true that due to trouble code it's happened usually.
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