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Camshaft Position Sensor Circuitlow Input fault

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Hi all,

New to the forum so Hi from me in the UK.

My wifes 2002 1.6 petrol Beetle has got the following fault from fault code PO342 'Camshaft Position Sensor Circuitlow Input - status 35'

The problem we have with this is that the garage tell me that there is NOT a camshaft position sensor fitted to this car !

Has anyone else ever come accross this ?

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16726/P0342/000834 - Ross-Tech Wiki

Hey, the 1.6L was not installed on the USA spec New Beetles or any VW's as far as I know. Because of this, any service manuals we have access to; would not be able to us, if there was a camshaft position sensor but I have a hard time believing, a modern vw engine like that wouldn't.

What you might want to do; is invest in a UK spec Haynes manual for the New Beetle, which covers your 1.6L engine and then, you can research the issue and confirm, if it has CPS.

Here is a link to the service manual on Amazon and it is not terribly expensive (even cheaper used):


If a shop told me that, I would be questioning it's knowledge and capability repairing Volkswagen's and would possibly consider, taking it to a VW specialist! If they cannot figure out how to fix your vehicle; maybe, you should take it somewhere else?

When getting that code; it is typically a good idea, to see if all the timing marks are lined up, check the timing belt for damage and do a compression test, to see if the valves are bent. Most VW engines are interference engines and if the timing belt fails, the result is bent valves and this requires the head to be removed, to repair it.

Give us some more background on the situation with the car, what type of garage you took it to, why it isn't fixed and why you took it in, in the first place! Thanks! :)
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Keep in mind; sometimes, people can change the timing belt and the timing marks can be off a tooth or so, causing this trouble code. So, that should be checked as well (read the link; to the trouble code on the ross tech site).
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