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Can’t seem to remove center plastics to access shift plate.

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I have a tiptronic issue on my 2008 automatic and from what I’ve seen it’s a magnet under the shift plate that I need to get to. I’ve removed the armrest, all the screws for the plastic, and the e-braie cover. But it doesn’t have the clearance to remove the plastic with the e-brake handle being in the way. And I would try reaching up under to get the shift plate off but I’m not sure I have the dexterity to disconnect or reconnect the wires to it. Any way to take it out without removing the e-brake and if so how do I take it out without messing it up :(

Update since post:
So since I posted 30min ago I tried working around the plastic and someway somehow I managed to get the shift plate with the circuit board off. Now I just have a metal shift rod, and the assembly underneath. If someone by chance knows where the tiptronic magnet is supposed to be and how to get to it would love the help. Youtube and Google have been lacking but I’m off to continue looking.

Update #2:
I did it! I honestly thought for some reason the magnets were in the shifter assembly and not the little enclosure for the rubber track that moves with the shifter. Luckily both magnets were still in their places so I’m hoping the dirt buildup was making it malfunction and not some other issue. I’ll leave this up in case any of y’all have better ways to go about doing this, it was a struggle and maybe someone else might need to see it.
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