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Hi Everyone,

I've read a few threads on this topic, but nothing conclusive. Hope you can help. I have a 2015 1.6l convertible, in the UK.

It is almost impossible to fill the car with diesel as the pump clicks off automatically immediately. It is possible to dribble fuel in very slowly but even this doesn't work for long.

I tried to fill again today and multiple times let the diesel fill to the very top of the filler neck, so I could see the diesel. After a few seconds it slowly begins to drain into the tank and I can hear a gurgling sound as it does so.

However after doing this maybe four times and before I could try more, the diesel spluttered out all over the service station floor! It was as if the car was coughing the diesel back up.

I put a thin steel rod down the filler next last week to feel for any blockages. The rod went for about 12 inches and then stopped. I am unclear if this is a blockage or part of the design?

I notice when I remove the filler cap that there is no release of air/pressure. Not sure if there should be, but I'm used to hearing this on many cars these days.

The other threads I have read (pasted below) mention things such as condensation due to extreme fluctuations in temperature, it's definitely not that in the UK! Others talk about the evap cannister, filters and blocked pipes. I'm planning to take off the rear wheel and wheel arch to get to all the pipes and see what can be flushed/cleaned and hope that will work, but any other tips before I start this open heart surgery would be welcome. Also any tips on what I need to do to clean the evap canister, filter and pipes once I get in there would be great.

The alternative is taking this to the garage and I can imagine the charges being high just for the exploratory work. I'm hoping it's something physical and simple to solve...

Many thanks,

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