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I've finally threw in the towel and came to some experts for help. I have a 1998 vw beetle 2.0 automatic. A week ago I slid my passenger tire into a curb. Bent my cv shaft and some other parts. I've replaced everything except for my passenger cv shaft. I haven't replaced the cv shaft because a stock one doesn't fit. My flange on my transmission is 120mm. The three cv shafts that I have had in my hands would fit a transmission with a 90mm flange. The first two times that I had it apart. I went to put the bolts in to find that it is too small. None of the holes line up.

I need help finding the correct "right front axle assembly"
Thanks for your time, Dan

Here's a photo of my cv shaft with the dimensions.
120mm is not the measurement on the cv shaft but on the transmission flange.


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