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Car buckles / cuts off during idol

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I have a 1.8 vw beetle (2000) the car starts up fine but revs up and Down than turns off/ if I give it gas it revs but it buckles whe I drive ..
1- I changed the spark plugs
2- I changed the fuel pump ( used)
3- coil 1 and 2 replaced
4- fuel injectors 1 and 2 replaced
5-Front 02 sensor replaced
6 - when I drove yesterday the check engine light flashed / today no flash it just buckles
7- the brake pedal also gets real firm I think it has something to deal with my issue

What should I do now ??? Please help
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I would start by scanning the car for codes

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Agreed. Get your car scanned. AutoZone will do it for free.
Also, fill out your user profile. Your info is a great key in us assisting you. There might be one of us in reasonable driving distance from you and just might be an aid to you...we're friendly like that:D

Keep us posted on your resolve.
vacuum leak

sounds like you have a vacuum leak some where's. If indeed you do have a vacuum leak then the diverter valve which is probably sticking cause it needs cleaning is having issues as well because it opens with vacuum pressure. that could be causing your engine to buckle down as you describe. Does it make a fluttering noise when you give it gas? If you have never cleaned the PCV, diverter, and recirculating valves than it's time. The diverter and recirculating valves are easy 15 minutes jobs but the pcv is under the intake manifold and you gotta get the SAI pump out of the way.....how good are you at working with one hand only? LOL:p there's only enough room to put one hand in there....good luck man.
Thanks for pointing mein the right direction. I did run the codes ... Will drop off at karma VW and Audi in the morning ( well towed it runs to rough) thanks again lets see what happens ( the diverter valve and rec valve are easy to clean may try that tonight)
What codes did you get?
By the way, you have a good group of beetle peeps all around you. Several orgers in Atlanta proper, Auburn and a few other spots around the hub. Hope you get to meet up with them.

Oh, speaking of meeting up. Hope you get your bug fixed soon- T.O.D.6 is a little over a month away. Check the link in my signature:wink:
Will be done this week

Problem diagnosed / My timing was off

Local VW shop wanted 1,000
750 with no water pump
400 if they adjsut timing but no new parts

I brought the kit on line for 135.00 and Me- you tube- my bentley manual will tackel the job
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