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Hi all,

I have a 2002 2.0L automatic with about 95,000 miles. Lately, the EPC light has been going on and off intermittently. In addition, the CEL is on. The past few days my car has died a number of times while driving. Usually, it is as soon as I stop at a red light or stop sign. Or while I am trying to park. The car just dies, but it cranks right back up. I just went to Autozone and had the codes pulled. They are P0322 and P0420. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking it is the speed sensor causing the issue but not sure if the codes are related. I am hoping it is one issue instead of 2 separate issues, especially one involving the catalytic converter. (There is some rattling under the car but a mechanic a while back told me that it was a ball bearing in the air compressor.)

Thanks in advance!

5/23/10 <3
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If the car has a rattle underneath, I would bet its your cat. Mine crapped out at 91k and I had the rattle for a good 6 months before the CEL kicked in. I thought it was a heat shield since I didn't have a CEL...the light proved me wrong.

And your other code is for the engine speed sensor:

16706/P0322/000802 - Ross-Tech Wiki
16706/P0322/000802 - Engine Speed Sensor (G28): No Signal
Possible Symptoms

Engine shuts off
Engine doesn't start
Speedometer inoperative
Glow Plug Indicator Lamp (K29) flashes

Possible Causes

Engine Speed Sensor (G28) loose
Engine Speed Sensor (G28) faulty

Possible Solutions

Check Engine Speed Sensor (G28)

Special Notes

The Engine Speed Sensor (G28) is also used as a reference sensor for the crankshaft position.
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