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Sorry, to hear; you are having problems. Diagnosing a intermittant problem (that doesn't happen all he time); can be a real challenge but as a owner, sometimes it helps to do some testing and troubleshooting yourself.

The first thing to do, is always check for trouble codes with a vw compatible scan tool; these can be purchased on amazon and you can keep it in your glovebox, to check for codes when a light comes on in your speedo cluster. There are many cheap vag scan tools on amazon; then obdeleven a wireless plug in wireless device which runs on android phones/tablets and finally ross tech bcds which runs on a wondows pc or portable device like a tablet, notebook, etc.

Troubleshooting problems is like being a detective and typical "clues"; come from trouble codes and rhen, you can look up the meanings of the codes, to digure out, what might be the cause of your dying problem.

If you do not see yourself working on the car yourself; then, i would contact the shop who did the work last and tell them, what is going on and have them complete the repairs.

Let us know, how you want to proceed and approach your car problems. Plus, let us know; if there is a friend or family member who is mechanically inclined, willing to help you work on your car and we can go from there. Thanks.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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