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Anyone have an idea about this problem?

Got in my 2004 New Beetle 2.0 5-speed this morning and the trip miles, clock, and all radio presets had been reset.

Checked the battery voltage and it was 12.6. Started the car and checked the charge voltage. It was correct and steady as a rock.

Car starts/runs fine, and checks of the battery and charger throughout the day show no variation.

This may be related:
The night before, the car acted odd when it tried to lock the doors after turning on the alarm. The locks made a stuttering sound and only the driver side lock went down all the way.

I changed one headlight bulb about a week ago on the passenger side, but it went smoothly and no tools were needed.

Car has 46K and never had a problem.

Not sure if I should drive it or worry about it.

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