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Now that I have me some leather seats and being that they are used---------I wanted to get them nice and clean and condition them.

Well I was surprised at the lack of choices for such stuff at the auto parts place, wally world etc.

I came home with a bottle of Turtle Wax spray on leather cleaner and conditioner.

That was 2 weeks ago. Still hadn't used it.

This AM I headed to the local Tack shop and explained myself to the girl at the counter who said;

"I don't know anything about auto leather. This is a tack shop."

Well duhhhhh. I said, "Your saddles are leather what do you use on yoursw to keep them in top condition?"

She walked me over to the shelf and pulled down a bottle of cleaner and a tube of conditioner.

I bought it and just came in from using it.

Good stuff! Took a ton of dirt off those seats and the conditioner is now being sucked into the thirsty leather while my car sits in the sunny drive with the windows up.

If anyone's interested:

Stubben Leather Soap
Stubben Hamanol--the conditioner

They were $10 each but will probably last at least 3-4 years. You use very little in the process.

They are also not made specifically for saddles----it says it's made for fine quality leather articals.

Oh----and it's German! So of course The Princess loved it.

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