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I've recently become an owner of a 2000 Beetle with 207k miles, 5 spd stick N/A 2.0. I quickly noticed a loud rattle coming from under the car and I think it's just the heat shield on the cat but after reading up on it, it very well could be the cat itself apparently. It's also worth mentioning I have no CEL at the moment. And I doubt highly the previous owner participated in the cat recall. As living in a no emissions check state I am curious as to if I could just cut the cat and resonator off and replace it with a long glass pack. Or just cut off the cat and put a strait pipe peice to the resonator. So:
1) Is this worth doing? I love performance but that's not really the main goal here. Fixing the cat sound and lag is. And who doesn't like an exhaust note.
2) Having no real access to welding equipment, could I just exhaust clamp this together and call it a day?
3) Any other feasible options? I am looking for the cheapest way to make this work, not the OEM way.
I don't care one bit if it sounds "ricey" although that's not really what I'm after. And tips or new idea are appreciated.
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