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Catalytic converter

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I recently purchased (literally 1 week ago) a used 2004 NBC turbo from a dealer. They disclosed to me the work they did on the car and it included the installation of a catalytic converter "that was provided by the customer". Now my CEL is on (came on wed night) bc the converter is bad. The service tech said that the one on my car was definitely not new and that it is illegal to sell used catalytic converters. I am in alabama where we don't have emissions inspections and I bought the car in Georgia where they do. After a bit if research I now know it is against FEDERAL law (as opposed to state) to sell sell used catalytic converters. I contacted the salesman on Thursday and he said he would check on it. Haven't heard back from him yet, I do believe that he is off on Fridays, but I still feel as though I deserve an immediate response. I am seriously questioning the integrity of this dealership...any suggestions for me as I move forward with this? Is it unreasonable for me to expect them to replace the converter with a brand new one at no cost to me? And I would love it if I could have a local dealer do it so I don't have to go all the way back to Atlanta! I'm not sure of the right questions to ask or how firm I should stand in my expectations.

Thanks for your thoughts!
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And so it begins. I wish I could offer help, but this will only be the tip of the iceberg.
It's a headache.

Check eBay for prices for a new replacement converter. I know most think "You don't go to eBay for VW parts". Baloney! Some of us can't afford dealership prices or muffler shop prices. (They wanted over $800 for our converter. eBay? $155 with shipping)

Find a decent local shop that isn't scared of working on VW's. Most dealerships are nick named "Stealerships" for a reason.

Sounds like the dealership the car was purchased from isn't going to take you serious. Sense the supplied converter clearly was not new? Legally it turns into a he said she said. The shop can of course install parts customers supply---But they (the shady shops) seldom do any checking. And the code (probably P0420 for the converter) can take up to a week to pop up after clearing the computer's CEL codes and resetting the systems)

I'd just order in a replacement new one off an eBay suppler and have a decent shop install it. It's a few replacement nuts, exhaust coupler...gasket...Maybe an O2 sensor if needed (yeah, that can be expensive...but you never know?)

Good luck with it

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