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ccm/fuse problems

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I had the usual windows,alarm, mirrors all stop working so I soldered micro switch but that did nothing.Next I bought a new micro switch but that didn't solve it. I also have 11 volts running through fuse 6. just put a new ccm on and it worked for about 15 mins then blew fuse 6 again :-/ Not sure what to look for really. Can anyone help please.
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Could be a problem in the wiring. Shorts in the wires in the boot between the driver's door and door frame are known to happen. I assume that "ccm" refers to the comfort module.
fuse 6

first thing you should do is find a wiring diagram of that system, then start troublshooting and isolating the problem. So when you push the button for the window you blow fuse 6? Electrical problems can get real tricky and even worse if you don't have wiring diagrams. good luck to ya fella
Thanks guys.
yea sorry the ccm is the comfort control module. Now i'm thinking the original is probably ok. I also have 11 volts running through fuse#6 all the time, not just when I try and use the windows. Last time I plugged my vcds in it said it can't communicate with the module ( that's why I bought another ccm)
It's very perplexing.
PS. I've looked at door wires the 2 that were broken were tweeter wires and also checked back door wiring :-/
I also have 11 volts running through fuse#6 all the time, not just when I try and use the windows.
So, if you remove fuse 6 you measure battery voltage on both of the fuse contacts? Fuse 6 connects directly to the comfort module.
Hi red.
Yes that's right. I took the blown fuse out , took a reading of 11 volts at the terminals. I'm going to check again today. Another odd thing is, once i'd fitted the new ccm everytime I locked the car ( with the key in the door as the remote has stopped working too) the boot would unlock and i'd have to go and push it shut.
I don't think you should have a voltage on the load side of the fuse. There could be a short in the wiring somewhere, probably the driver's door harness. There are 3 10-pin connectors for the door harness under the lower a-pillar trim that is beside the driver's feet. Try disconnecting each of those and see if one of them makes the voltage on the load side of the fuse go away. Here are instructions for removing the hood release lever:

Volkswagen Workshop Manuals - New Beetle - Removing

and the lower a-pillar trim:

Volkswagen Workshop Manuals - New Beetle - Removing
I'll give that a try. i'm going on holiday today so I wil do it when I get back.
Thank you for your help Red, I appreciate it :)
I'll let you know how I get on when I get back
Hope it works out for you. Electrical is always a bear to chase down.

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