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Hey guys,

New to the forum so please forgive me if this has already been discussed another place.

My wife has a 2002 Beetle. The stereo in it doesn't have a cd player and she was using a cassette adapter with a discman. Well, I bought her an iPod mini and I would like to get away from using the adapter as it's JUNK! For awhile, we were going to mount the iPod on the dash. We were going to mount a dock between the two vents and then you would just sit the iPod inside and PRESTO! Well, after some serious thinking and with the release of new iPod's, we dicided not to do anything permanent just incase she ever wanted to upgrade. Anyway, Im going to get either the USA Spec auxilary interface, or the blitzsafe one. I'm sure they both do the same thing so I would guess there would be no difference in sound quality. My question is that I need to know how to remove the center console, cup holders, pretty much all of that as I'm going to be running wires and such.

Her car has the rotating cup holders. I'm also not sure about the blitzsafe adapter. If I do decide to go with that one, what one would I get. I havent checked out if she has a cd changer in the back yet.

Any info would really help!!!

Thanks a bunch,
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