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Tons of parts on eBay.

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Hi everybody,

I searched some info in the forum and also in the Bentley's manual but couln't find what i need to know.

Is it possible to remove only the central air vents (above the radio) without removing the entire central dash (i don't have the VW radio removal tools)?

Actually, i turn too further to the left the button that you use to close/open the cental vents and i want to take one of them out to fix it.

Thanks alot for your help.
Just made this repair as my dampener popped off its connector(rotary dial). This post helped a ton:
Remove radio(most time spent)
Dampener ball on end of “arm extension” pops back into the socket on rotory dial

Boom - dampener back in business no dry eyes from hot air in the face

Thanks NewBug forum!
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