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charlie98210's 2000 Beetle

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Just finished the white racing stripe this morning. My new
(14 year old) Beetle is a GLS with a 1.8 turbo gas engine.
130,000 miles on it and we drove from Michigan to Warsaw,
Indiana yesterday to see their statue exhibit, and it didn't
miss a beat.

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that is a very nice looking beetle! It's holding up very well...and the offset stripe is choice.

Mire pics please- we can't get enough of them :D

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Looks great! Welcome, we're glad you joined the cult! :party:
I finished up the stripe yesterday (no thunderstorms!).
The stripe kit comes from a company called 1060 graphics.

They're on the net (1060graphics.com and they have an ebay store (named 1060 graphics).

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