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check engine light w/ o2 sensor codes

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bought a '99 2.0 liter for my step-daughter it wasn't running but it was cheap. replaced throttle body and did adapt now it runs. it has 87k miles so in went timing belt, water pump, thermostat, ect. cel is on with three codes these three come back after clearing after about ten miles
16525 p0141 o2 sensor circuit sensor 2 elect fault
16522 p0138 o2 sensor circuit sensor 2 high voltage
01115 rapid data transfer

I found the plug for the #2 o2 had corrosion on one pin and cleaned but still same codes.

is it time to replace the o2 and would I be better off to replace the pair or could it be something else simpler [cheaper] than the obvious?
thanks in advance for any help scott
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time to replace

If you live in a state/county that requires emissions testing to get inspection then yea you might want to replace both O2 sensors, check for exhaust leaks and hope for the best man.
16525/P0141/000321 - Ross-Tech Wiki

p1115=O2 sensor, heater circuit short to ground. bank1 sensor1

faulty heater in the precat o2 sensor. (or bad wiring)

Have you tested the 02 sensors and wiring; as per the manual? When I tested mine with a VOM; it was obvious, they were bad (when I got the new ones; I tested, to see the difference).

To get the correct sensors; look them up here: (get the real deal; oem bosch)

esse10,billymade thanks, I do live in a land of inspections, so I'll be taking some readings w/ the meter. Found a manual online through local library, that and a v-checker should be enough to get me started. thanks for the link billymade I have a feeling I'll be using it soon
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