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Chicago Area - VW Night at Superdawg Wheeling - Sat. Sept. 6th

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VW Night at Superdawg's Wheeling location this Saturday, September 6th. They love to have us and we'd like to again show them a great turnout. There is plenty of parking for our VW's!!! This is a "rain-or-shine" event, so keep your fingers crossed for good weather! All VW's are welcome, vintage & new. Also, if for whatever reason your VW is laid up, come out and join us anyway.

Here's the details:
Superdawg Wheeling
333 S. Milwaukee Ave.
Wheeling, IL
5:00 PM

More info about Superdawg and their menu can be found at Superdawg® drive-in.

Hope to see you there!!!
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Cool looking place

That HotDog stand looks like a great place for a GTG.

Next year when we take the Insane Beetle Tour down Rt66 to Roswell we would love to stop there. We will let you all (Chicago folks) know when we are there and maybe we can meet up with you at Superdawgs before we head out.

Any excuse for a Water Beetle GTG!

Oooh! I have never been to a meetup!
My car is in sad shape. Should I come? Haha.
Yes Kelly, you should come.....!!!!
Yes Kelly, you should come.....!!!!
I would! But I forgot we are hosting a clown bar crawl that evening.

Don't ask.
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