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Cleaning Leatherette

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Does anyone know what is best for cleaning leatherette? The VW dealer suggested Lexol (but that's for real leather--does it matter)?

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My beetle leatherette seats were cared for by lexol and sometimes meguiar's rich leather foam. What color are your seats? If it's really really dirty you should just use all purpose cleaner with a soft bristled brush followed by leather conditioner. good luck

The dealership recommended Lexol (which I can't seem to find in Abilene), so I went with McGuires--though I haven't had a chance to try it yet. My seats are cream, so any dirt shows up pretty quickly.

Thanks for the info.

I use a foaming interior cleaner (yellow can from Kragen) for tough cleaning which works really well with all of the road grime I get from having the top down. In between details I use Armor All wipes (yellow/white) which removes grime spots and coffee drips. I've tried the Armor All interior (purple/white) and that tends to smear the dirt around a bit but not much better.
I tend to use Huggies non-alcohol non-scent baby wipes to clean the leatherette. Over 14k and no issues yet with them. :)

I will get a bottle of Vinylex to use, though, to see how that works out.

For the cream leatherette in my wife's TDI, I use Murphy's Oil Soap spray cleaner to clean with a MF cloth. Spray, wipe down and dry thoroughly.
For my cream leather sport seats in my Vert, I use a 6 to 1 mix of distilled water and woolite to clean. Same process.

Both cleaning solutions work very well. After cleaning, I treat both interiors with 303 Aerospace protectant and buff to a low sheen.
Keeps both looking brand spanking new and the 303 protects against UV, especially in the vert, and dirt and dust just wipes away with subsequent cleanings.

No worries !!
It's vinyl so therefore I use a soapy wash cloth and scrub. Murphys oil soap works very well, so does Dawn and Ivory. Huggies work really well too... just don't use the kind with Aloe they don't clean as well.
Hey if your trying to find Lexol try pepboys if you have one a round or I heard some times walmart carries it. but I never really seen it there. But If you still can't find it check around to different auto stores. I heard that stuff is pretty good but it's about the same price for megiures stuff too. I asked the same question back on the old forums and there are other good type of leather cleaners also that was posted on there. can't remember a whole lot which one was. good luck on your leather.

Tom Servo
I just bought the meguiars gold class leather cleaner/conditioner, but I have leatherette. Should I stay away from this since I don't actually have leather?
Lexol Vinylex (blue bottle) is for vinyl and rubber so it should be good for leatherette. The Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner (orange and brown bottles) are different products. Highly recommend all three!:) You could get a couple of bottles online if you can't find it near you. Around here I've only seen Lexol in PepBoys.
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