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Hi All,

I've stumbled upon some initial Concept 1 and New Beetle memorabilia that some of you would probably find more value in than I obviously have...

I have the direct mail piece from Germany that I believe was the item they sent to every "hand raiser" prior to sales launch in 1997. It was sent out by "The New Beetle Team" in Wolfsburg and is postmarked 10/22/97.

I have the original New Beetle press "gift" box which is pristine as it is still inside it's shipping box. This was handed out at the Detroit Autoshow in January 1998 when the actual NB was first shown to the public (not the Concept 1). This box contains a bud-vase in a metal holder and a product catalog.

I also have a never opened yellow box with a label on it that reads 1998 New Beetle Detroit Auto Show January 5-19. (No year). It is serialized with number 42385 but I doubt that's a real thing. (they probably all had the number)...Don't know what's in it as it is sealed.

And - I have a 2003 Media Kit which has a very large 11" x 9" hologram on the front of it showing the new beetle conv with it's top up and down. Inside are file tabs for each model sold at that time along with pricing and specs. Phaeton and EuroVan are included in that one.

I'm too lazy to do pix, but if anyone is interested in these as collector items please email me at [email protected] and I'll send you want you want.
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