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beetle 1998 2.0l aeg automatic trans.

When I drive the car slower than 60mph, everything is perfect.

When I drive the car faster than 65~~.. mph, cluster speed needle is shaking
65~70(kinda jumping around between 65~70).

I ve searched a lot of article about it and I find it may be caused by cluster or vss.

What you guys recommend to change at first?

When I connect with my vag com cable, I only can find a code,
17584 - bank1: 02 (lamda) correction behind catalyst: control limit reached
p1176 - 35 - 00 - -
readiness: 0000 0100.

I don't think this code is related with the symptom.

Any idea how can I find out whether cluster or vss?

And.. I know how to replace cluster but vss.

I ve searched for that but no luck.

I found automatic beetle has 3 vss on trans BUT I don't know where they are located and

I don't know how to find out one vss that is caused the problem.

Moreover, for the code, I ve searched, it may be caused by MAF or O2 or temperature sensor or
throttle body.

It's too much to replace them all. Any idea for that?
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